Strawberries and raspberries are delicious fruits which in addition contain molecules full of anti cancer properties. Recent studies indicate that in the near future, prevention of colon cancer may be accomplished by the effects of these berries anti-inflammatory molecules.

A cancer linked to a lifestyle

Colon cancer represents the second cause of death from cancer across the North American continent, In Canada only, nearly 10,000 deaths are caused by this disease each year. Colon cancer is a cancer that evolved mostly without apparent symptoms, it generally start from a precancerous lesion called an adenomatous polyps or adenoma. Although the occurrence of colorectal cancer is sometimes caused by certain defective genes, it is now established that the progression of adenomas to cancer is in a very large majority strongly influenced by lifestyle, especially eating habits: in practice It is estimated that approximately 75% of colon cancers are directly related to the food eaten by industrialized societies (rich in meat and calories but low in Plants). A good example of the pernicious influence of this diet is the dramatic increase in the incidences of colorectal cancer in Japan since the Second World War, the Japanese adoption of Western diets has multiplied by five the frequency of these cancers in that country. The modification of this type of nourishment is an essential prerequisite to achieve a decrease in mortality associated with colon cancer.

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