Your body is supposed to be flexible. Unfortunately with the modern lifestyle, a lot of the bodies flexibility is been reduced due to a sedentary lifestyle. If it’s starting to become a struggle when you drop something on the floor and pick it up or stretch to pick a book from your bookcase. Then you need to do something about this.

You need a stretching program. So what are the benefits of stretching. And it’s simple, regardless of age. As you grow older your muscles tighten and bending and flexibility becomes more limited. So it’s very important to put this in your daily routine. You only need simple stretches and these can be put into your daily activities.

And doesn’t need much time at all. There is an actual ideal length of time and it’s best to keep in down to just 10 minutes a day. By doing stretching for 30 minutes you will just wear out the body fast.

The main benefits of stretching are as follows.

1) Increases the range of movement. As you constantly do more and more stretching excercises, it will help you increase the range of movement.

2) When you have a greater range of movement the more you will be able to do more things. Stretching will allow you to have a more active lifestyle.

3) Injury prevention – stretching will greatly decrease the chances of getting injured by warming up the body prior to physical effort.

By incorporating stretching into your day to day lifestyle is really not a big effort at all. If you want a flexible body for as long as possible you need to implement a stretching programme into your daily lifestyle.

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