The lowest level of life is not to be in want of any kind; although pitiable, it is not to lack basic amenities, to be out of job, or to be betrayed by a wicked spouse. It is not to be lonely, dejected, broke or even depressed, even though these are excruciatingly painful feelings to bear.

But rather, the lowest level that we can ever assume in life is to respond to hate with hate, aggression with aggression, and selfishness with selfishness. It is to do unto others what you would rather is not done to you. It is to know and not say, see and not tell, have and not share, feel and not control; it is to live your life in such a way that only you seem to matter, to go about your day to day without showing any kind of love for your neighbour, and without thinking, even for just a moment, of your purpose in life.

It is to quit the responsibilities that were designed to give you the fulfillment that people ignorantly pursue in empty areas of life – to wickedly quit your marriage in the pursuit of self-gratification, regardless of the destructive emotional, spiritual, mental and financial impact on your family; to give up on parenting your children, inline with the unfortunate vicious cycle that have likely existed in your family for generations; to hold grudges against others without making concrete plans for resolution.

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